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Haiti, an island nation that has survived a lot, the 2010 earthquake, bad leadership, sanctions, cholera breakouts and whatever else a nation can survive.  One thing that is not a disaster and which this nation is famous for is its women. They are strong and beautiful and they love dating foreign men. This is not only because they want to escape the plight of their nation but because they are truly looking for a man who can truly love and protect them. 

Haitian Woman Dating Tips

If you are a foreign man who loves the idea of dating a dark-skinned beauty from Haiti,   there are things about the Haitian women and dating a Haitian woman that you should know. 

They Have Been Through  A Lot 

These women have been through a lot.  Most of them have survived the earthquake, disease, poverty, bad politics but they still came out strong and beautiful. They could be tougher than you expect or fragile. When you meet her, you either expect a tough girl who has seen it all or a fragile girl who needs loving and security. Either way, you will find the Haitian woman quite interesting. For one she doesn’t shy away from expressing her interest when she meets you and likes you. You will notice her staring at you and not even bothered when you notice that she is staring.   

Strongly Believe In Voodoo 

Voodoo is a very strong part of Haitian culture and some festivals are created around it. Some foreign men might be scared of this because they think these women might put a spell on them. However, not all women are into voodoo.  You can find Haitian women who are staunch Catholics. However, when you meet the ones into voodoo, they are staunch voodoo religion believers.  

Uniquely Beautiful 

Haitian girls might not be as beautiful as their Dominican counterparts but they are still beautiful in their way.  They have this dark chocolate skin that is quite charming for anyone meeting them. If you are meeting her for the first time and love women with dark skins, then rest assured that you will never stop looking at her beautiful skin that glows in the sun.  This is also a woman who loves taking care of herself and looking beautiful. That dark skin will always glow for you and radiant smile will always be on her face when she notices that you like her.   

Have Little English Skills 

Communicating with some Haitian women can be difficult if you only speak English. Most of them speak French or Creole which is close to French. If you don’t speak Creole or French you will have to pay close attention to what she is trying to tell you. You can even study her body language which will also tell you a lot of what she is trying to tell you. This is to avoid any misunderstanding. You can even get someone to translate whatever she is saying if you completely don’t understand what she is saying. 

Haitian Women Are Traditional 

This is a woman who knows her place and her role in society and will embrace it. She is still modern and forward-thinking but she will always look at her man as her savior and protector. If you want a woman who will split the bill with you during dinner or an independent kind of woman, then you might be disappointed because the Haitian woman is not that kind of modern woman.

Most of them expect to find a man who will pay the bills and they won’t mind staying at home, cooking and cleaning and making sure that you and the family you start to have a lovely and clean place to call home. This could be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the kind of girl you are looking for. You will find a few who will be truly independent but most of them love being the stay-at-home wife and are exceptional cooks.

Very Superstitious

Haitian women are also very superstitious and have all manner of very weird beliefs. If you are not a believer in their superstitions, you might find the habit quite annoying. You will notice them taking everything that happens as a sign from the universe. Even the things that are obviously not and are simply coincidences. A Haitian woman does not believe in coincidences. Most of these girls are staunch in their religion of either voodooism or Catholicism but their superstitious nature will always come through.

  They are women who will always look for meaning in their dreams. They will also try to find out the meanings of the things that happen to them every day. Don’t be surprised when she tries to find meaning in a certain look that you gave her. This is why you should always be aware of the kind of signals you are sending which can at times be misinterpreted. Just be as clear as you can in your signals to avoid having them misinterpret them especially if you are not genuinely interested in a girl.  

A Man Is Treated Like A King

The Haitian woman knows how to treat her man right and exactly like a king. They respect and love pampering their men at every chance they get.  You will enjoy undivided attention, a lot of respect and great pampering especially if you are good to her. Their local men don’t know anything about pampering and most of them are abusing and unromantic. This is why she will let you know how important and appreciated you are in her life.  In some cases, she will tell you by words, but oftentimes it will be her actions.   

They Love Being Treated Well 

Like most women around the world, these sexy Haitian girls love it when their man treats them right. They will appreciate being treated right and will always let you know how that is important to them. When you buy her gifts, take her out to dinner or vacation and generally be gentle and nice to her, she will reciprocate this by being respectful and loving.  She will always let you know how loves and enjoys being treated well by you. 

Haitian Women Dating Sites

There are Haitian dating sites where you will find the best of these amazing dark-skinned women. Some of these sites are as follows: 


This is a site where you can find a lot of Haitian singles profiles waiting for you to explore.   It is a site that has been on the dating scene for a long time and therefore can be trusted. Many profiles on this site are genuine and the advanced search tool is always there to help you narrow down your search to meet specific women from this Caribbean region.


This might be a site for Latin  American singles but it has been known to have many profiles of women from Haiti as well.   It is a trusted site that can be easily navigated and has advanced search tools to help you in your journey of finding your Haitian love. All you need to do is sign up and create an impressive profile then reach out to the women who interest you.  

MatchTruly. com  

This is another site that will help you find the Haitian love of your life.  Take advantage of the great number of profiles and use the search tool to narrow down your search.  You will find yourself loving the women you meet on this site because most of them will be great matches for you.  Keeping conversations going on this site is great because there are communication tools to make the process fun and enjoyable. 


LoveSwans is all about love and commitment.  This is a dating site that has been responsible for a great number of hookups, dates,  marriages and very happy and fulfilling relationships. Many who sign up with this site have been known to enjoy their experience and find love. Many others have been known to find the loves of their lives within the shortest time.  It has great features, an advanced search algorithm, and a great design to make navigating easy.  


JollyRomance is another site that has all successful online daters raving.  It is a site that has quality profiles, quality design, and cool customer service to attend to your needs or questions. Use the search tool to find the woman of your dreams and use the communication tools to keep the exciting conversations going.   It is a site that promises a great online dating experience and delivers on that.  


Haitian women are unique and when you are looking for a Haitian woman for marriage, consider all the above tips along with the dating sites where you can find them. These women are one of the most unique ones in the world. Make the best of the relationship once you have her and chances are you will enjoy the best relationship you have ever had in your life.

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