Haitian Wedding Culture – Choose The Brides Correctly

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Your parents raised you with respect for family values ​​and culture. You know that true happiness is possible only next to a wonderful partner who shares your life values. The problem is that you cannot find a girl for a serious relationship because of your beliefs and customs.

Because you do not need an ordinary girl for marriage, but a woman who knows the traditions and respects the culture of Haiti. But your ancestors lived in Haiti, and finding the perfect girl thousands of kilometers from this island is quite problematic. However, in the era of modern technology, this is not a problem – modern matrimonial services will help you quickly find a beautiful bride.

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This Amazing Wedding Culture And Haitian Brides

The Republic of Haiti is known to many tourists and travelers. Every year, many tourists come here who want to have fun, swim in the clear ocean, relax in the warm sun, and learn more about Haitian culture. But the island’s greatest gem is charming girls. These ladies become beautiful brides and wives thanks to a lot of important benefits.

Respect For Family Values

According to local culture, the husband is the main in the Haitian family. Therefore, be sure that your bride will respect you and support you. This is very important because now you have a real soul mate next to you. Thanks to this approach and the values ​​of Haitian culture, you can easily cope with even the most serious trials and reach new heights of personal growth.

Exotic Beauty

Besides the rich culture of Haitian, these girls are also very beautiful. Usually, they have dark curly or curly hair and brown eyes, which reflect the beauty of this universe. Moreover, they have delicate dark skin and a perfect slim figure. You can admire such girls endlessly. But most of all, you will be captivated by the delightful snow-white smile of the Haitian ladies, full of love and warmth.

Tenderness And Passion

According to the Haitian tradition, wives must respect their husbands. This is true – these girls have a pleasant and gentle character. They do not like quarrels or scandals, so your family life will be free from conflict. Now you can be sure that next to you is a true soul mate, sharing your values, vital interests, and respecting your culture. Moreover, when night falls, you will find several surprises. Hot Haitian brides will show you what real pleasure and passion is.

Pleasant Character

Family life with such a partner will not be boring or monotonous. Haitian culture is very optimistic, and the wonderful sense of humor of Polynesian brides will cheer you up and make even a cloudy day fun. Moreover, these girls love to travel and actively relax, so now you have received not only the bride but a real partner who shares your interests and values.

Together You Can Impress The Environment

Haitian customs say that mothers teach girls how to dress and look after themselves. Thanks to this culture, brides have an excellent sense of style and dress beautifully. It doesn’t matter if it’s a standard business meeting, a fun party, or a prim dinner. You can be sure that your Haitian companion will look great. Get used to being the center of attention with your charming partner.

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The Right Attitude To Money

Haitian culture says that money is not the main thing in life. Interestingly, this island has a very low average salary, but the standard of living is much higher than in many developed countries. Family life in Haiti is one of the most important values, so brides are not looking for a sponsor, but for an ideal partner who shares their interests and values. And most importantly – next to you will be a hardworking partner who is trying to fill the family budget with which you work and progress together. Only in this way can happiness be achieved.

Comfort And Coziness

According to Haitian customs and traditions, the wife must provide comfort in the house. Now there is order and cleanliness, and your favorite dishes are in the kitchen. Haitian women are also excellent mothers who bring up children well – your child will grow up as a full-fledged personality and learn important aspects of culture and education. Thanks to your bride, the house will become the place where you want to return every day. It sounds like a perfect marriage, doesn’t it?

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Interesting Facts About Haitian Culture And Weddings

Marriage in Haiti is an amazing and exotic ceremony that will forever remain in your memory. Here are some interesting facts about the process. Historically, marriage rites began with an engagement, which was, at that time, the most common way to build relationships between families in the upper classes. The betrothed were usually too young to express their opinions. Very early, sometimes even before the birth of the children, the parents made plans for a profitable union of their children. When the two Haitian families agreed on a future wedding, they, according to the culture, planted a tiara bush in the courtyard of their houses as a sign of sacred consent.

On the wedding day, relatives and friends of the bride went to the groom’s house. Also, the traditional Haitian procession was carried out on boats decorated with flowers. Parents of the bride presented the best gifts to the groom’s family. The blessing of the gods, the newlyweds received in the sacred Marais-Polynesian temples in the open.

They dress in wedding clothes according to culture. After that, the groom and the Haitian bride sit apart from each other in front of the priest. The priest first asked the husband, then the wife: “Won’t you renounce your spouse?”, And then said a prayer to the gods for their family happiness. Then the relatives brought a special white carpet, the newlyweds sat on it on their knees and held hands. Another interesting part of Haitian culture – they put the skulls of their ancestors nearby, the defenders of the family.

Having sealed the union with prayer and parental blessing with a sugarcane branch, the couple was covered with a large wedding bedspread. After the rite in the Marais, families went to the house of the new family and celebrated the union with a plentiful feast, accompanied by songs, dances and long speeches. According to Haitian dating customs, a couple gets a new name and status.

Haitian culture wedding ceremonies today are among the most beautiful and romantic. But the interesting thing is that a marriage made on the islands does not have legal force. In French Polynesia, the Geneva Convention does not apply, so such a ceremony is nothing more than an exotic ceremony, which can be performed without even presenting a marriage certificate.

However, the participation of the newlyweds in a similar rite during the honeymoon will fill their family life with happiness, sensuality, peace, and beauty. Besides, such “symbolic” marriage ceremonies, according to the canons of the Haitian culture, are perfect for you to have perfect memories of this day.

List Of Decent Matrimonial Services With Haitian Brides 2019

Now it remains to solve the problem of distances and choose a quality dating site. The problem is that today many companies offer their services. But you need a quality, safe, reliable and efficient company, right? Below is a list of great matrimonial services available in 2020 where you can find perfect Haitian bride and marriage with her according to local culture.


Matrimonial service that works with Latin and Caribbean brides. A large number of Haitian brides are also registered here. Thanks to an efficient search algorithm, you can quickly find the perfect couple that will introduce you to the amazing culture of these islands. Moreover, communication with charming Haitian girls will be as comfortable as possible thanks to the help of a professional translator. The disadvantage is the minimal set of free features. Rating – 9.4/10.

LatamDate main page


This is a dating site with a large user base and excellent functionality. Nice page design does not tire your eyes, and a high-quality layout allows you to quickly register. Moreover, matrimonial service will allow you to learn more about Haitian culture (there is such a section on the site) and quickly find the perfect bride. The disadvantage is the high cost of a monthly subscription. Rating – 9.3/10.

main page AmoLatina


This site is an affiliate of the well-known matrimonial service CupidMedia. Here you can quickly find a good girl and marry her according to Haitian women culture. The user has an excellent set of tools for communication, as well as excellent search opportunities. Moreover, many clients are family-oriented, so most profiles of Haitian brides are well detailed and verified. The disadvantage is the lack of a mobile application for iOS. Rating – 9.2/10.

main page CarribeanCupid


Another good option if you want to find a beautiful Haitian bride and get acquainted with the culture of this exotic island. A large number of customers increases the chances of finding the perfect match. Besides, matrimonial service uses SSL, which will reliably protect personal information from Internet scammers. The disadvantage is a minimal set of free features. Rating – 9.1/10.

LatinWomenDate main page


International matrimonial service, where a large number of Haitian brides are also registered. Quick registration procedure, the ability to view profiles of other participants, and a large number of search filters. Many brides respect the culture of the island and will be able to tell you interesting information. The disadvantage is the lack of mandatory verification for Haitian brides. Rating – 9/10.

main page MatchTruly


This company collaborates with beautiful Latin brides and respects Latin culture. According to statistics, thousands of charming Haitian girls are registered here, so you will quickly find your dream partner here. A sophisticated search algorithm will help make this path more efficient. The disadvantage is the lack of a professional translator. Rating – 8.9/10.

main page LatinFeels.com


A popular dating site with rich experience, a good reputation, and a large database of brides. Thousands of Haitian, Mexican, Brazilian, Argentinean brides are registered here. Many lonely hearts have already found an ideal soul mate here and have made a wedding according to the right customs and culture. Disadvantage – verification is not required for Haitian customers. Rating – 8.8/10.

main page LatinAmericanCupid


Well-known matrimonial service, where a large number of users are registered, including Haitian brides. Nice page design, excellent functionality (there is even a section with useful tips and information about the culture of peoples), a mobile application, and a high-quality pair matching system. The disadvantage is the mediocre design of the official site. Rating – 8.7/10.


A popular matrimonial service with excellent experience – the company has been operating for more than 10 years. It offers users a large number of opportunities, including sending real gifts to charming Haitian brides, as well as a convenient mobile application for iOS and Android. The disadvantage is the minimal list of free features and lack of the section with tips and information about Haitian culture. Rating – 8.6/10.


This is a mobile application that works with clients around the world. Today, millions of people, including charming Haitian women, are users of the program. Moreover, communication with other participants is a free feature, and a premium account will provide additional benefits (improved profile visibility, access to the base of VIP clients). The disadvantage is better for flirting than for searching partners for serious relationships and marriage according to Haitian culture. Rating – 8.5/10.

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