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Everyone has a rough idea of how it goes down in the Caribbean; Haiti will live up to your expectations and more. Whether you are a single Caribbean woman/man or a foreigner who wants to switch it up a little, you are in for a treat. Most Haitians are of African descent since the country was initially used as a port for the slave trade with the North and south America. Haiti dating culture, just like many around the world has gone through a great evolution over the years. A century ago, or someone from the century will easily advise you to stick to your own culture. It was virtually impossible to easily date someone from a different culture for many reasons.

Rigidity to change and fear of the unknown being some of them. It wasn’t so different in Haiti, where people were stuck dating among their social circle. But as the world has known, there are great benefits of interracial marriages. With the emergence of the internet and online dating sites, it has taken dating to a whole new level. Dating sites have achieved the unthinkable and therefore embraced greatly.

Haiti is among the many nations that have online dating going for them. But apart from this, there’s what sets them apart. It’s a global gentleman gesture when he opens the door and offers to pay the bill. Similarly, it’s lady-like to smile at him to get the mood going. However, there is a unique dating culture in Haiti that you’d love learning about before you venture into the game.

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Haitian Values

Before dating a Haitian single, it’s important to understand what they value. Haitians always put family first, irrespective of their social class or age. They value the security a family unit provides to an individual. Therefore, if you are looking forward to dating one, be ready to meet and embrace their family. This also speaks in how they are devoted to relationships and can easily pass the family person ‘test’.

Haitian children grow knowing the importance of a family structure. They are taught to protect the family’s privacy and live to care for their parents when they are elderly. Their family structure is very close and children are considered as community property. This means everyone is obligated to correct them when they are on the wrong. Haitian children are raised in disciple from a young age. Therefore, growing up, they make good spouses who know a thing or two about effectively raising a kid.

Haitian Religion

Religion is a crucial part of dating and it is important to understand what religious beliefs Haitians succumb to. Haiti mainly practices Catholicism, Protestantism, and voodoo. A huge percentage of Haitians are Catholics. It was introduced by the Spanish then French in the 1500s. compared to other Dominican countries, Protestantism is young in Haiti. It was introduced in the 21st century and various denominations had emerged since then.

Voodoo is the oldest form of religious practice in Haiti. However, since there’s a negative mentally about the practice, most Haitians hide it from the world. Voodoo is a practice that believes everything and everyone has a spirit and a life force that connects everything exists. The practice also acknowledges the spirit of the dead amongst the living. while voodoo should be seen as a two-sided coin, where there are the white practice and the ‘black magic’, it completely doesn’t sit well with most people. Therefore, it would be a good idea to find out which religious beliefs your potential partner identifies with.

Dating Haiti Women

You’ll be highly recommended or discouraged to date a Haitian woman depending on who you ask. Inevitably, some people haven’t had a good experience of this side of Haiti. But there are numerous success stories of beautiful couples who are still making it happen. As mentioned earlier, Voodoo practice is a real scare to most men but not every Haitian woman is into the practice. Here are some pros and cons of dating a Haiti woman:


Haitians are not native English speakers and this might be a problem communicating with them. Most of them speak French or Creole. Therefore, you might want to confirm what they are saying or you’re left with the body language. It is not as bad as it sounds though, Haitian women understand English and as long as you are patient, you’ll communicate.

They Are Traditional

This might be a con or pro depending on who you want and how you look at it. Unlike modern women, most Haitian women are quite laid back and would prefer being housewives than working. They’ve grown up knowing how to take care of the family unit and they do it effortlessly. They might not admit this but they prefer a working husband who will take care of her as she builds a home.

They Know How to Treat Men

Practically, Haitian women have been trained to do this their entire life. They value family and man being the head or leader of the unit, they were taught how to treat them like kings. They know how to pamper their way through your heart and respect you as a man. Therefore, if you are interested in a Haiti woman, you will feel important and appreciated.

Haitian Dating Sites

Many Haitian men and women are using dating sites to find their better half. Haitian economy is not so good and this might work for your good. Women have quality time on their hands which translates into quicker replies and open-mindedness. Here are some popular and best sites you can use to look for a date.


If you are looking for Haitian love, this is where you go first. The site is most popular among Haitians and has a huge active database. You are likely to find more beautiful Haiti singles here than in any other site. Also, active members speak English. You don’t have to pay a dine since, with standard membership, you will be able to sign up and view profiles. However, it is practically useless since you won’t be able to message your choice. Therefore, it will cost you to level up and get gold or platinum membership. 


This is an international dating site that has a large membership and gets new members daily. However, it is not fully Haitian which makes it limiting when you want to get some Caribbean love. Most registered women are western women who work or volunteer on the island. However, the few registered Haitians are in the upper class. They are well-schooled, pleasant, and completely open to having a good time. 


This is an active site in Haiti and can be relied upon to find either short or long term relationship. It is popular and you will be spoilt for choice. When you are at it, ensure you are specific with your description to get compatible matches. The challenge you might face using this site is most members are from the middle or lower class. They might not speak great English but that can be solved over time. a great combo will be to combine LoversWhirl and a visit to the Caribbean.


Compared to other countries, it might take a little more investment before you find your Perfect Haitian date but it’s worth the effort. They have a great culture and people. Chances are you will learn how to whine or at least have the pleasure of getting entertained.

Updated on Jul 2021

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